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Dr. Carl R. Moon

6th District Legionville Chairman

320-761-6962  |  crmoonidoc@yahoo.com


The Legionville Board of Directors met on Saturday 16 October 2021at 1050 hrs.

The following are exerts from that meeting:

        The AAA Representative stated that AAA wanted to stay involved with Legionville and commented on how to keep the relationship alive and well.

         Trooper Sgt Jessie from the State Patrol stated that the Patrol wants to stay involved with Legionville and that the Leadership of the Patrol is committed to partnering with Legionville.

          The Finance Committee reported that Legionville still owes the Department $60k and that as soon as the RIM and Tower Lease monies come in; they will be paid. Camper fees were raised from $326 per camper to $400. This would align with other camps in the area.

           District Reps and other Board members were encouraged to contact Posts, Units, Squadrons, and ALR Chapters in their areas and seek donations.

            The Camp Manager, Adam, reported that future needs are a 24-ft trailer and a dishwasher for the dining hall at an estimated cost of $5,000 each. Department Commander Tom stated that he would include both items in his Commander’s Project.

           The Camp Director presented a detailed power point presentation on what happened last year and the expectations for the coming year. There will be seven sessions starting 12 Jun 22 through 5 Aug 22. It was reported that there are over 200 schools providing and participating in school safety patrols. Board members were encouraged to reach out to the schools in their areas and promote the Camp programs. Increase compensation for Counselors and staff was discussed but tabled until a later date after monies from the RIM and Tower Lease are received.

                It was approved to charge $1,000 with a $500 refundable cleaning fee for use of the Camp if there is no donation made.

                Important Dates: May is “Work & Play” with focus on the 3rd weekend; SAL Convention (TBA), Auxiliary Fun Weekend 5-7 Aug 2022; Camp-O-Ree 7-10 Sept 2022, ALR Romp 15-18 Sept 2022, SAL Deer Hunt 27 Sept-1 Oct 2022.

                 There will be a ZOOM meeting in Jan 2022 to discuss the financial health of Legionville.

Respectfully Submitted, Carl R. Moon