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Greetings Morrison County Legion Families,

Happy May to everyone! 

Morrison County Council meets every other Month on the 2nd Monday.  We last met on April 12th at the Hillman Post.  3 Posts were represented, and 3 Auxiliary units were represented.  

 Next meeting is June 14th at Upsala.  6:30 Pm start time

The National Commander is visiting Royalton Post 137 on April 7th. This is a big honor for Post 137 and Commander Steve Smude.  I highly encourage all Morrison County Post commanders to attend Royalton’s luncheon for the National Commander.  Lunch will be at Noon on April 7th.  The National Commander will spend the majority of his time in the 6th district. He will also be at Nisswa Post 627 later in the day for a dinner.  If you cannot make Royalton, try attending Nisswa.

In Hillman we discussed Boys State reviving this year at St John University, Legion Baseball resuming, and the new Goose Egg requirement.   Make sure you Mail in your CPR report to dept so they have it by June 1.  If you file on-line you have until July 1 to complete.  Officer list for 2022 needs to be in by the same dates.

District Convention is in Nisswa this year.  June 4th & 5th

The National Commander visited our County on April 7th.  Many Posts were represented, it was a very good turnout.

Congratulations to Commander Steve Smude, his officers and the staff at Royalton Post 137.  This team did a wonderful job hosting the National commander. 

Nominations for the new coming year for County officers were held. 

Challenges with the New MyLegion.org site was discussed.  New user ID & passwords and new accessibility discussed also discussed at the County Council meeting.  If you need assistance the district web site has tutorials available for viewing. 

The membership results as of 3/28/2021 were provided.  Great results by all for the county.  My hope is since we are now allowed back in our buildings, you’ll have some pending renewals to process.  County is over 96% meeting April goal

We’re in the stretch run for 2021 memberships.  I need everyone to recruit new members, retain who you have and renew any past due members from 2020, 2019 and prior.  If your Posts or members are able to renew members for 2021 who may have some difficulties paying, I encourage everyone to do what you can to assist.

Hopefully you are seeing your 1982 transfer request letters returned to you signed by the targeted members.  Flensburg Post received 3 of the 4 back and now have 3 transferred in members from Post 1982.

Congratulations to Motley Post 124, they are now at 100% of membership Goal.  Great Job!  Post 124 joins Swanville, Hillman & Flensburg as Morrison County Posts to reach or exceed 100% of goal.  Upsala is very close to 100% they need 1 membership.

We are currently (as of March 25th) in 1st Place for the District County councils in Membership.  We are at 96.77% Great Job by every Post during demanding times to process renewals. I haven’t been able to see a membership report since the MyLegion.org went to new server.  We finished March with 7 of 10 posts at or above 95%. Pierz needs 2 to reach 95%, Pillager needs 2 and Little Falls needed 8.  You may have added memberships since 3/25/21, hopefully you have, and the numbers are better than provided in this letter.   If you have renewals to process, mail them in ASAP to the Dept.  Get everyone at your Posts involved with renewals and recruitment!

I’d like to hear from any Posts on 1982 returned transfer forms to establish a total count for the County on transferred in members.  You can E-mail me at; costellomichael68@gmail.com              .   I received good feedback from Flensburg & Little Falls

 It has been my Honor to serve as the County Commander the last couple of years and I look forward to accepting the role again for 2022.  Once the Pandemic issue subsides, I plan on visiting more posts this coming year.

For God & Country

Michael Costello, Morrison County Commander