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Karen O’Bar
6th District Membership Director

46855 County Road 23 | Verndale, MN  56481

218-639-9512  |  mnlegs@gmail.com




Greetings Big Sixth!

We only gained 62 memberships this past week and remain in 3rd Place!  That is only a gain of 0.61% for the week.  A lot of our Posts had no gain at all and several only had a gain of one.  We are not alone in this as the other Districts had small gains, also.  The 7th and 8th Districts swapped positions; other than that, everyone else stayed in the same place.

Here are the standings within the state:

7th District      90.20%    8th District      90.12%

6th District      89.74%    2nd District     89.07%

1st District      88.44%     4th District      86.95%

10th District    87.48%    9th District      87.23%

3rd District      86.95%    5th District      83.04%

I’m sure we can get to the 90% mark for the District by March 10th, but we need to do better!

Have a productive and safe week.  May God Bless! Ken Meyer