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Jim Lucas 6th District Commander

765 12th Avenue SW  |  Pine River, MN 56474

218-821-7347  |  walkerpost2134@gmail.com

Top of the Morning to all of You,

Well can you believe that this article is for the March Newsletter already. Since it was three days before hunting season when I went into the Hospital until now, I been so darn busy and haven’t even left the house except for Mid-Winter: which was a total Blast if you ask me. Had the best time seeing everyone and now things are getting back to normal. Been working on my schedule so I can start visiting again, doing deceased notices for Post membership and the phone is ringing like crazy.

Let’s start with Mid -Winter. I was told the night before only 25 people registered for Mid- Winter. The next day, we were full with Legionnaires for the conference. The Auxiliary and SAL were there too, had a great Lunch and an awesome joint session. The base commander from Camp Ripley could not be there because of an emergency, so we brought Bill Barbneck as our guest speaker. Thank You Mr. Bill, you did a great job. We had an awesome shock for our District Project! Man, did you Posts work overtime, and we had an awesome turn-in. Believe it or not, we are now at $33,550.00 for Homeless and Wounded Warriors. I just want to say THANK YOU to all Posts, Walker American Legion Riders, President Beverly, and SAL District Cmdr. Robert Foss to bring us here. We are still taking donations if your Posts want to give.

Do all of you remember Chloe Dragon, the Junior 6th District President? She had a banner Day also. Just from the American Legion Posts she has received over $4,000.00 for her project. Chloe could not be at Mid-Winter so her grandmother and others got her on a computer to talk to us. I want to tell you she is one HAPPY supporter. So, I want to thank all of you for helping her. She had a great program and all we did is help her along the way. Thank You.

Now a lot of you don’t know but Paul and Susan Edwards started to pass a hat on Chlole’s behalf, and they Helped raise another $600.00 doing that. I haven’t seen that in a long time! Thank you Paul and Susan.

We didn’t have anyone this year for the Oratorical Contest which was cancelled the day before because of no contestants, so we are now working on next year to see where we need to change to get our contestants back in order. I can’t believe there is not a young man or young lady that don’t need scholarship money. So I need everyone’s help on getting this changed to where we have contestants again.

I want all Post to call me and let me know how your District Vice Commander is doing. March is the month that we need to pick a Vice Cmdr of the year, so I want to hear from all Posts. Send a text or e-mail if you’d like or just give me a call and we can have a chat.

All Posts need to start getting your membership in because April 10 is just around the corner when Department sends everything to National for Printing of the new Cards for next year.

Time to end this article – almost a full page and I just want to say it has been an honor being your District Commander so far this year. Keep up the good work and remember to Keep All The Men and Women in our Armed Services in Your Thoughts and Prayers. Don’t forget to say Thank You for Your Service when you see them.

Jim Lucas, District Commander

Call me if you need something I can Help With.  218-821-7347

God Bless